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Since we opened Toberona Stables nearly 25 years ago our policy has been to continuously invest in the best facilitates for our horses to provide the best opportunity for success for our owners. In 2023, we undertook a major upgrade of the facilities with the completion of a new 8 furlong sand gallop and upgrade of the indoor schooling.. The new gallops together with the variety of indoor and outdoor schooling provide an excellent platform for continued growth and success. 

Horse Walkers & Paddocks

The horses benefit from two horse walkers, which are used extensively throughout the year to keep the horses loose and limber. They are regularly turned out on the paddocks to enjoy a roll which surround the stable area.

Schooling Facilities

Toberona has extensive schooling facilities for the horses ranging from baby hurdles and fences to fully specified racecourse standard hurdles and fences. All the obstacles are built to be very inviting to the horse and to encourage them to jump them well and enthusiastically.


At Toberona we have two gallops, an 8 furlong sand gallop which has a gradual incline and a circular 4 furlong sand gallop. By combining these different  gallops we accommodate training plans for every horse from early stamina work to full race day preparations.

Equine Spa

Toberona has installed an Equine Spa to aid with any ailments that occur while training or racing. This has been a tremendous asset to the yard keeping the horses well and healthy. The Spa consists of ice cold water mixed with Epsom salts to assist with the natural healing.

Indoor School

The Indoor Horse Trainer school assists us with the schooling for horses all year round. Throughout the winter we engage all horses due to run on the track over both Hurdles and Fences in extensive schooling in the facility.

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